Our Vision

To provide a safe shelter for homeless men while empowering them with opportunities to transition into productive members of society.

Our Mission
We are your RESOURCE to Restore, Rebuild, Recover.


Who Are We?

  • A homeless men’s shelter in York County

  • A non-profit, tax exempt organization

  • The only year round non-profit shelter in York County serving single, homeless men in an emergency capacity



What Are Our Goals?

  • We collaborate with local service providers for substance abuse and mental health treatment.

  • We partner with local businesses to establish apprenticeships and job placement.

  • We locate and plan secure, affordable housing for the men.

  • We teach money and management skills.

  • We encourage men to overcome barriers which prevent them from attaining and maintaining self-sufficiency and stability.



What Services Do We Provide?

  • Twelve full-time beds available for up to 90 days

  • Light breakfast and a dinner at the shelter provided 7 days a week by individuals in the community

  • Daily living necessities such as toiletries, showers, washer, dryer and a secure room to leave personal belongings

  • Medical and dental care assistance

  • Counseling in skills for successful independent living

  • Access and transportation to appointments and employment opportunities

  • Case-management to assist in skill building

  • Community resources connection

  • Assistance for acquiring forms of identification, such as birth certificate, ID card, or a driver’s license

  • Help with filling out Medicaid, Medicare and other needed forms

  • Assistance in acquiring the items necessary for living in permanent housing, such as clothing, food, furniture,and other household items.